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Jay Rodriguez


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  • Luke Shaw
  • Asmir Begovic
  • James Morrison
  • Ashley Williams
  • Joleon Lescott
  • Craig Gardner
  • Steven N'Zonzi
  • Erik Pieters
  • Daley Blind

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The old way of doing profiles seemed to me to do little to tell you what kind of player they were, so I thought I would do some scouting profiles instead.

Each time I watch a match, I take notes on what is happening, just to jog my memory afterwards when I write up the reports.

The players will then get ratings for their performance in certain areas of their game and some notes about their performance.

Each time I watch a player, I will rate them again and add more notes to their profile.

The ratings will be averaged out over their performances, to give a better idea of their capabilities.

Just to make it easier for everyone to understand, I have based the ratings on the ones that Football Manager employs, as most people are used to them.

It must be borne in mind that I am making notes as I watch the match, so I may very well be missing incidents etc that could affect the ratings.

Also, there are two other major issues that need to be pointed out with regard to the way I am creating these profiles, so you can understand that they are only intended as a rough guide.

The first is that I am not at the game watching them live in the flesh, but instead on a screen watching the play unfold live there.

So I am limited to what the camera shows me, which makes it difficult to see much of what a player does off the ball.

The second issue is that, due to the inability to just watch everything a player does throughout the game, I am instead assessing all the players in each match.

It is not ideal, but these profiles are not meant to be all encompassing, just an idea about a player and how they are performing.



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