Christian Eriksen


Christian Eriksen




{Profile updated 2/09/12}

Date of Birth: - 14th February 1992
Height: - 5ft 10inches
Position: - Attacking Midfielder
Nationality: - Danish (Denmark)
Current Club: - Ajax
Estimated Market Value: - 25 million pounds
Linked with: - Liverpool
- Manchester City
- Arsenal
- Chelsea
- Bayern Munich
- AC Milan
- Manchester United
- Real Madrid
Club Statistics
2009 season - 21 matches, 1 goal
2010 season - 38 matches, 8 goals
2011 season - 42 matches, 7 goals
2012 season - 37 matches, 7 goals
TOTAL - 138 matches, 23 goals

International Statistics

2010 season - 8 matches, 0 goals
2011 season - 8 matches, 2 goals
2012 season - 15 matches, 1 goal
TOTAL - 31 matches, 3 goals

General Comments:
Where do you start with a player like Eriksen? He's just utter class. At the age of 20 he can do things with a ball that can hypnotise you. Eriksen has the vision, the skill, the pass, the finish and the pace which would grace any team, of any league. I really don't know what more I can say, most of you football fans know and love him, and any amount of compliments I throw at you about him you'd already know. In my bias opinion, I think he needs to come to the Premier League. It is after all, the best league in the world and it is perfect for players such as Eriksen, as he has the potential to be one of the best midfielders in the world. I'm at a loss for words, as he seems to be the all round player, and in all honesty, I could see him getting in any team in the world, as he's that good. Remember folks, he's only 20, think of how many years left he has of his career and how good he is already. For me, 25 million is an absolute bargain for a player of that class. But what team should he go to?

The Business End of the Profile:
Christian Eriksen has been chased by nearly every club in Europem and for good reason. However he has rejected them all and plans to stay at Ajax for another 2 years before moving to Barcelona or Real Madrid.

{A profile by Ed022}

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16 July 2013
Could you update this profile ed or atleast just the business end please, it would be much appreciated :)


09 July 2013
I still think this guy will end up at Liverpool. Spurs could also make a move for him.


05 July 2013
Hey Ed, was Eriksen ever a real target or was it just papertalk? Cheers in advance. {Ed052's Note - We had interest in him, but I doubt a move for him}


14 June 2013
Is he still a LFC target or we switched to Henrikh M?


31 May 2013
I think a move to liverpool would go well for



30 May 2013
25 mil thtas too much


30 March 2013
Any move by liverpool for Eriksen in the summer? {Ed052's Note - There is interest in him from Liverpool - but also a lot of other teams too}


18 December 2012
He seems he is bound for spurs.


13 November 2012
Don't be so site ed?


31 October 2012
Hi ed,
Lfc have put this guy as top target along with Walcott in January. BR knows him personally somehow and rates him so highly. He will apparently cost 30 million euros though but we are negotiating.

Ed have yous heard anything on eriksen?

Thanks. {Ed052's Note - Liverpool will not be making a move for Eriksen in January}


06 October 2012
I think he is overrated. That's just my opinion.


20 July 2012
This lad is class . I think someone will get a gem when he signs for a top club .


14 May 2012
A player liverpool need to fill Gerrards boots but im afraid to say we wont get anyone with this talent without champions league football:/, can see him going to chelsea if he comes to premier league


13 May 2012
Didnt liverpool nearly sign him in jan 2011 but something happened ed {Ed022's note - Not that I know of mate.}


18 April 2012
As an Arsenal fan, I'd love him to join us and build up a partnership with Wilshere in midfield. Similar age, similar abilities that I think would suit each other, with wilshere being slightly more defensive and eriksen slightly more attack minded. Would be a partnership for 10 years or more like xavi and iniesta. Sign him up wenger!!


15 April 2012
In your opinion would he be able to play in a two man midfielder alongside someone defensive like Martinez or M'Villa and be able to dictate the play of the game. Kinda like what Scholes has been doing for Man utd recently and what Xavi has been doing for years for Barca and could he become even a quarter of the player both those players were? Cheers {Ed022's note - I think he can exceed those players mate. He is, utter class.}


23 March 2012
Ed I have a question for you, which isn't directly relevant to Eriksen, but to all attacking midfielders, you've done alot of profiles on attacking midfielders, and you seem to like them all, but which is your favourite (I.e which one would you most like to see at Liverpool) and who do you think is most likely? :)
J-lk {Ed022's note - Christian Eriksen is probably the best attacking midfielder, as he's one of the best and youngest in the world to date. My personal favourite however, would have to be Gaston Ramirez. Absolutely top class player, and could be very very cheap. He's also fairly likely to join Liverpool at the minute, but its early days so far. I hope that helps mate.}


08 March 2012
I like him to join chelsea but i think he will join barcelona next season {Ed022's note - It is potentially in the cards I suppose, but why would they need yet another midfielder?}


07 March 2012
I really, really want him to come to Liverpool. Even with no Champions League football, I hope he sees past that and joins. He seems a bright enough kid to see past that as we could offer him definite first team football, week in, week out. I doubt his international place will be put at risk by joining at team not in the Champions League and as Liverpool have a lot of potential to get back into the top tier of European football and him having lots of time as well at the age of 20, I see no reason for him not to come. It's just down to the club to go all out to sign him. {Ed022's note - I see where you're coming from, and remember, he played Europa League football this season which Liverpool have already obtained. However, in the summer, he'll be getting offers from all the top clubs around Europe, including spanish sides which he absolutely loves. So, it's difficult to see him joining Liverpool without Champions League football.}


07 March 2012
United could do a lot worse than him.

G.A.G.U.S {Ed022's note - and couldn't do a lot better than him also.}


06 March 2012
He has to come to Liverpool....I know we keep saying it but we are building a TEAM not individuals and the way he plays is for the team. I just dont know whether his agent will price him out of a move to Liverpool. Currently only Many City Man U Chelsea will be the only ones that could afford him. I could only hope that he gets on with Suarez and that Suarez could persuade him to come. This is the type of player we need and to take over Stevie G's role so he is guaranteed a starting role.

Speedy {Ed022's note - it all depends on champions league mate, if Liverpool get it they have a chance of signing him, and if I were Liverpool I'd go all out to get this kid.}


06 March 2012
Chelsea, we are in the process of rebuilding a squad, we can build the squad round Eriksen and Mata. {Ed022's note - but could Mata and Eriksen coexist in the same team?}





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