Christian Benteke


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Christian Benteke

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Christian Benteke

Current Club: Crystal Palace.

Previous Clubs: Liverpool, Aston Villa, KRC Genk, Standard Liege.

Loan Clubs: KV Kortrijk, KV Mechelen.

International: Belgium 33 caps 12 goals.

Physically Benteke is in a similar vein to fellow Belgian international striker Romelu Lukaku, but technically he is of a much higher standard than the Everton striker, yet regularly outscored by his counterpart. That is because, despite all the quality Benteke possesses, and he does possess a lot of qualities, he does not use them to the full or anywhere near it. Frustrating is the word that best sums up the way he plays.

Benteke is brutally strong, able to hold off defenders and use his technical ability to keep the ball and play in other players, making him seem like an ideal target man. He has excellent pace and power, with a very clean striking technique of the ball, which should make him perfect for a team to sit deep and play the ball over the top for him to run onto and hit early. Benteke is tall, has a good leap and is exceptional in the air, which should make him ideal for a team which puts a lot of crosses into the box and in fact he is a major threat on set pieces.

In fact, Benteke has the raw strength, power, pace, technique, aerial prowess, everything in fact to be a truly world class striker. Technically and physically he is about as good as it gets, it is the mental side of things that lets him down and stop him from competing for the golden boot each year. He has the ability to score goals from anywhere and everywhere, as well as all types of goals, but they are few and far between for a reason.

The issue is his tendency to stroll around the pitch, when he should be busting a gut to get in the box, as it is out wide and in a perfect position to be crossed into the 6 yard box. Instead Benteke is walking towards the box, sauntering even, like he has not got a care in the world. When the ball flashes across the box, just waiting for a foot or head from a waiting striker to knock into an empty net, he is still slowly ambling into the 18 yard box making absolutely no attempt to get on the end of things.

It is the same story whichever part of the pitch you put him, when he should be making a run, he is stood still watching or walking, at best. Is it laziness? Is he just too laidback and can not be bothered to make the effort to break into a sprint when required or is it a mental lassitude? Does he simply lack the anticipation to realise there is an opportunity to act? Whatever the problem is, it is holding him back from being a top class striker at a Champions League team.




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