Raheem Sterling


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Raheem Sterling

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Raheem Sterling

Current Club: Manchester City.
Previous Clubs: Liverpool, QPR (U18s).
Loan Clubs: None.

International: England 32 caps 2 goals.

Despite being small and slight looking, Sterling is quite capable of shielding a ball well, with a incredibly fast acceleration to then take him away from defenders. The England winger also has good technique enabling him to keep close control of the ball as he dribbles at pace through and round defenders. Which is why it is so odd that his major weakness is his technique striking a ball, as that is quite frankly abysmal for a player at his level.

The problems striking the ball affect his shooting, passing and crossing, which are all consistently inconsistent. You just never know whether he will smash a simple ball into row z or play a pinpoint ball into the box. When he was younger at Liverpool, I had wondered if the lad lacked composure, which saw him lose his head and just lash at the ball whenever he got into an advanced position. However, having watched him at City, it is clear that his technique is just very poor and that he is not striking the ball true.

That pace, acceleration and tricky feet suggest he has spent most of his time running with the ball and not enough time honing his techniques passing, crossing and shooting. Something that you would expect a coach like Pep Guardiola to put right, with his emphasis on passing drills.

Off the ball Sterling is a willing runner, always looking for a ball slipped through to him to run onto and use his pace. Also he has no qualms about tracking back, as his workrate has always been good, even when his attitude left something to be desired off the pitch as he forced through his transfer to Man City.

Written by Tris Burke

name: Raheem Sterling

date of birth : - 8 December 1994

nationality : - born in Jamaica but will represent England

height : - 5ft 7in.

position : - winger

linked with : -

estimated value : - 10-12million

club career : -
due to his age there is not much to say Liverpool signed him from QPR in 2010 aged just 15 for 600,000 rising to 5million.He made his long awaited debut against Wigan on the 24 march 2012 coming on as a substitute. He then went on to make two more substitute appearances against west brom and chelsea.

international career : -
Sterling has represented England at U-16 and U-17 level he has made 9 appearances for U-16 and 13 appearances for U-17.He was born in Jamaica but is eligible to play for England which he will end up doing.

club statistics : -

Liverpool : -

2011/2012 3 appearances 0 goals

international statistics : -

England U-16 9 appearances 1 goal

England U-17 13 appearances 3 goals

general comments : -

sorry for the length of this profile as he is so young so there is not much to say but here we go Sterling is a very good young player with the potential to become top class but he needs to be nurtured properly and in Brendan Rodgers Liverpool have the right man to do this.

sterling has been getting alot of publicity lately and all that pressure on such a young lad can either make him or break him as he could but in some fantastic performances and revel in the publicity or maybe have a few off games and end up getting slated in the press and never be the same afterwards.Anyway onto his strengths he is amazingly fast and can go past players with ease many of times in reserve games he puts the ball past the defender and leaves him for dead.Another of of his strengths is his dribbling he is a very good dribbler and very skill full however sometimes he over does things he will sometimes hold onto the ball when he could have played a simple ball but when his dribbles do come of they look absolutely fantastic.

Due to Sterlings slight build he is never going to be the strongest this could be a very big downfall as he will get nudged of the ball alot but hopefully he will us his pace to get past defenders.As mentioned before Liverpool could end up paying QPR 5 million this could well turn out to be a absolute bargain but admittedly there is a very,very small chance that the premier league will be just a bit to physical for him.When you watch Sterling he is a stand out player he was vital for the reserves last year and where instrumental in getting Liverpool to the semi final of the next gen and could be a good squad player for Liverpool.

Overall Sterling has the raw ability to become a key player for Liverpool and England but with all the pressure he could crack but hopefully not.as for weather he will be played this season I think he will be a impact sub mixed in with a few starts but I may be wrong I really think and hope sterling will become a outstanding player and since signing for Liverpool he has been dubbed the new John Barnes in my opinion I think he has the ability to becomes as good as John Barnes if not better. He is a truly amazing player and will become a very good player I think due till his style of play he would be suited to the Spanish league.

If Sterling can bulk up just a little bit and knows when to release the ball he will set the premier league alight but all this hype is not doing him any favours as he is so young it can affect him and not do him any good however I really really dont thinks this will happen as he is just to good for it to happen but there is a very slight chance.

here is what Brendan Rodgers after the leverkusen game had to say about sterling The boy is a talent,” said the Reds boss. He still has an awful lot to do and an awful lot to learn, but he’s shown over pre-season that from a young guy who just worries about himself, he now worries about the team and the responsibility within the team.I was pleased with the goal as a whole. If you look back at the images of it, it was good pressure on one side of the field when we won the ball and took it out of the pressure zone.

will sterling cut it in the premier leauge : - probably he has the ability to become a fantastic player whether he uses it in the right way or not remains to be seen but in my opinion I really think and hope he will we have been hearing about him for a while now so hopefully this season will be a breakthrough season.

summary of sterling : -

strengths- pace, dribbling and flair

weaknesses - strength and sometimes greedy I cant thinks of many weaknesses so if you can think of any please feel free to say.

Written by lfc Liam


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