Radamel Falcao


Radamel Falcao




{Profile updated 2/09/12}

Date of Birth: - 10th February 1986
Height: - 5ft 10inches
Position: - Striker
Nationality: - Colombian
Current Club: - Atletico Madrid
Estimated Market Value: - If Atletico were to sell, It would be no less than 40 million Euro's, but I'd imagine around the 50million Euro's mark myself
Linked with: - I am unaware of any significant interest from any clubs as Falcao has only recently signed for Atletico for an astronomical fee

Club Statistics

River Plate
2005 - 2009 - 90 matches, 34 goals

2009/2010 season - 34 matches, 30 goals
2010/2011 season - 26 matches, 20 goals
2011/2012 season - 2 matches, 0 goals

Atletico Madrid
2011/2012 season - 35 matches, 24 goals
TOTAL - 187 matches, 108 goals

International Statistics

2008-2012 season - 22 games, 7 goals

General Comments:
There really isn't much to say for a player like Falcao. He's a brilliant player. He has brilliant conviction (hence the amazing goal to game ratio, which is around 1 per 2 games), a brilliant header of the ball; a brilliant shot with immense power and accuracy; and brilliant skill and technique. If you give him the right service, Falcao is a goal machine, and will not stop scoring. He cost Atletico 40 million Euro's, which is pretty excessive, but so far he has done nothing but repay that fee, with 21 goals in 32 appearances, which is pretty damn good if you ask me. Falcao hasn't really been linked with any one recently, as it'd take a serious amount of money to lure him away from Atletico. The last person I recall monitoring Falcao before his move to Atletico was Chelsea, but that was purely down to the influence of Vilas-Boas. I would absolutely love to see Falcao in the premier league some day, as I feel he'd help get rid of any doubt, that this league is the best in the world, however, with players like Falcao, Ronaldo, Messi, Llorente etc, the Spanish league is NOT, to be under-estimated any longer.

The Business End of the Profile:
Falcao moved to Atletico in 2011 for 40 million Euros, if he were to move it would take an extremely large offer for Atletico to even consider selling. If he were made available nearly every club in Europe would be interested, with Chelsea at the very top in my opinion.

{A profile by Ed022}

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13 April 2013
Falco go to chelsea


25 November 2012
Falcao better best player in Spain league....


31 October 2012
I don't what I'll be if you join Arsenal


21 October 2012
Please we need to no the club you are going to


12 September 2012
Edd 022 I seen you say where's the art of tackling in spainish league football I do agree with you but I watched something about the Spanish league and they don't class tackling as an art they class it as a last resort and the English class it as an art {Ed022's Note - I completely agree mate.}


06 September 2012
Keep it up falcao, u are one of dey best finishers in the whole wide world


28 May 2012
He possibly has the best first touch and control of the ball I've seen in the modern game better even more so than ronaldo and that's saying something!


23 May 2012
Get to liverpool big fella, become new Torres! Without the dip in form towards the end that is. You have the ability to become a Anfield great!


11 May 2012
We need u in arsenal thts where u fit falcao plz talk with wenger come come falcao u are super joakim njenga arsenal fun


11 May 2012
We need u in arsenal thts where u fit


09 May 2012
2 class goals tonite Ed what a player,pity we wont get him......


02 April 2012
Ed 022
I have very good sources and they have given me the following information
Chelsea are interested in Falcao and what i heard was 30 Million + Fernando Torres
89'gooner {Ed022's note - Would they do that though? Really? Just as he's coming into form? I see it as highly unlikely mate}


18 March 2012
Spanish leauge is the best come on u person biaist {Ed022's note - oh look everyone, it's one of those people that see a few games of the champions league or Europa league of Spanish teams and just because they win some games, are then the best in the world. I worry about you and you're insolence, and I strongly suggest you get to grips with the world. The Spanish league is a good league yes, but where's the physicality? The art of tackling? The die-hard passion? No where all all.}


16 March 2012
I have no doubt he will justify his price tag {Ed022's note - well I'd say that Chelsea fans thought that of Mr Torres.}


15 March 2012
He is a real goal scorer.. I am really surprised no big clubs have gone for him. For me he is a risk worth taking {Ed022's note - for 50 million Euros?}





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