Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak

Current Club: Newcastle United.

Previous Clubs: Real Sociedad, Borussia Dortmund, AIK.

Loan Clubs: Willem II.

International: Sweden 44 caps 10 goals.

Trophies Won: Spanish Cup 2019/20. German Cup 2016/17.

Isak has always had skill, technique, pace, excellent first touch and movement, but lacked two things in particular. One was that he was that he was slight and lacked strength to hold off opponents. Secondly was a lack of goals. He had all the tools but just could not put the ball in to the back of the net as much as he should have done for a player with such quality.

Over time his strength has increased, though he still has a slight build he has a wiry strength, though he can still be knocked around, his strength and skill is usually enough to enable him to hold onto the ball. This season he has also added goals. Lots of goals. 19 goals in 33 appearances, fifteen of those in the Premier League alone in his 23 games. He has become almost an all-round striker.

However, he does still have weaknesses. The main one being injuries. He always seems to have spells out injured every season, some of them fairly lengthy. He is still just 24, so many of those, like his lack of strength, could be simply down to youth and a need to grow into his frame. Secondly, despite being tall, he is not particularly good in the air. While happy to take hits with the ball at his feet, put the ball into the air and Isak is not so keen on putting his head in where it hurts to make a header.

The biggest question I have is how long until he outgrows Newcastle United? He is improving as a player to become one that could, maybe even should, be part of a trophy winning club, but Newcastle, as yet, do not seem to be moving any closer to winning things. Is he going to remain patient and wait for the team to reach a level where it can challenge or will he want to move on to a club that is already in that place?

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