Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak
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Alexander Isak

Current Club: Real Sociedad.

Previous Clubs: Borussia Dortmund, AIK Stockholm.

Loan Clubs: Willem II Tilburg.

International: Sweden 11 caps 4 goals.

Trophies Won: German Cup 2016/17.

Just before I started watching footage of Isak play, I saw a comment by Luis Garcia (the former Liverpool and Barcelona forward) which described Isak as a complete forward. So I was excited to watch the youngster play, if he could be called such at just 20 years old.

It is easy to see why Garcia is excited and why Dortmund have a buy back option for him, Isak is a very exciting forward, with genuine pace, skill and scores goals even against the most formidable opponents. There are weaknesses to his game though, he is tall and gangly but is weak in the air and rarely wins an aerial challenge.

While Isak does have excellent technique and first touch, his decision making is not the best and his link up play can be very loose. He can pass, but at times it is like Isak just loses focus and misplaces simple balls. A bit more care with his passing would fix that.

His runs are also not always well thought out and he can end up stood in the centre of the penalty box just waiting for a cross to come in, which can be the right thing to do sometimes, but he needs to learn to mix it up a bit. There are times when he can be just stood waiting at the back post, when the ball has to be delivered to the front post were no one else is. He should be looking to make a run across and get there, but that may come in time as Isak gains experience.

His favourite run, when playing right up top, is to drop off to draw the centre-back out and then spin in behind and sprint into the space. It can work well, as Isak is quick enough that very few centre-backs are going to be able to cope with that.

When shooting he tends to go for placement with a sidefooted shot, which he can generate a good amount of power with, despite having little backlift. Which probably comes due to his strength, which Isak possesses a lot of. Gangly he may be, but Isak is not easily knocked off the ball.

One thing he does like to do is to drop off and receive the ball, whether in central or wide areas, and drive forward at pace. Isak is very good at dribbling and has the pace to be a genuine threat when he does that, which often means it leads to fouls being given.

Defensively he is responsible, joins in the press well, though lacks a bit in aggression, his pace means Isak puts opponents under pressure without having to close down with real aggression. With his acceleration being so fast and so effortless, it is like he is still cruising but he is suddenly on a defender in a flash, it can cause panic in teams that try and play out from the back.

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