Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy Maulana Vikri
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Egy Maulana Vikri

Current Club: Lechia Gdansk.
Previous Clubs: Ragunan Athletic.
Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Indonesia 3 caps.
Trophies Won: Polish Cup 2018/19, Polish Super Cup 2019/20.

A 19 year old attacking midfielder who was picked by the Guardian in 2017 as one of the 60 most talented and promising young players in the world, so I was looking forward to taking a look at him. He chose to join Lechia Gdansk because they were the one club out of the many that showed interest to offer him a contract without requiring him to have a trial first.

Now having watched him, I can see why he did not want to have a trial as he would have struggled badly to get a contract. He is small and weak, with little ability to leap or head the ball.

They play him on the right, so that he can cut inside on his stronger left foot, but it really is not making the best use of him as he lacks pace and his movement is not very good. Added to that he can be slow to recover from a forward run, leaving him totally out of position and of no use to his team-mates.

On top of that, his passing is not very good and Maulana's crossing is even worse, it is so wayward it is worryingly poor. However he is a decent dribbler of the ball, with good ability to beat a man, but lacks the pace to drive away from players.

In essence he just looks one of those overhyped youngsters that looks good at youth level, but struggles to make grade at adult level.

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Written by Ed001 December 03 2019 22:06:42