Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish
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Jack Peter Grealish

Current Club: Aston Villa.

Previous Clubs: N/A.

Loan Clubs: Notts County.

International: N/A.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Now 24 years old, Grealish is reaching the point where he needs to start achieving this 'great potential' we are always told he has. Right now, he is someone who is beginning to look like he might struggle to do so.

While he does have excellent vision, far too often he wastes the chance to play the pass and chooses to take an extra 4 or 5 touches only to get dispossessed. That is when Grealish shows his greatest skill, that of somehow being judged to be fouled whenever anyone is anywhere near him.

Last season Grealish was awarded the most fouls in the Premier League, but many of them were given to him when he was the one committing the foul or when there was no foul to be seen except maybe a strong gust of wind blowing him to the ground. The rest were mainly a consequence of his reluctance to release the ball until he has taken an extra touch and had another look around.

Grealish has the skill to beat a man, but lacks real pace to get away, so he needs to learn to move the ball quicker, to play more one-twos and pass the ball when he sees the pass, rather than taking that extra look around. There clearly is a player in there, but he needs to have more trust in his instincts and not over think matters.

The biggest worry with him though has to be his lifestyle. The pictures of him in the gutter drunk during the close season are one thing, but during the lockdown his lack of discipline and party lifestyle left him clearly short of full fitness and probably caused the injury that robbed him of any kind of form in the restart.

That is the issue that must be resolved if Grealish is ever to become the player he was supposed to be. Until he acts like a professional away from the pitch, then he will always struggle to be anything more than just another could-be.

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Written by Ed001 August 22 2020 14:12:02