Lewis Dunk

Lewis Dunk
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Lewis Dunk

Current Club: Brighton & Hove Albion.

Previous Clubs: N/A.

Loan Clubs: Bristol City.

International: England 1 caps.

Trophies Won: N/A.

Part of one of the most overrated defensive partnerships in the game, Dunk, alongside Shane Duffy, were the first choice centre backs for a team that conceded 60 goals in the Premier League last season. To be fair, he is the better of the two, but that is not really saying much and it beggars belief that he has managed to win England recognition.

It is not like the team in front of them push up high and expose them for pace, which is something neither has, they just are not very good defenders. Dunk is big and strong, not too bad on the ball, but his positional sense is wayward, he is slow on the turn and his tackling is poor.

In the air he should be dominant, but he is far from it and they often struggle on set pieces at both ends as he does not attack the ball the way he should. Dunk lacks reading of the game, the kind that sees top class defenders already in position, anticipating movement from attackers. Everything he does is reactive and that means he is caught out often, not having the pace to get ahead of the play.

I struggle to understand why he is so highly rated, as he plays for a defensive team, yet they concede lots of goals in large part due to the complete lack of quality of the two centre halves. Dunk is a Championship player playing above his level in the Prem, though he needs a better partner, as that is his biggest weakness of all.

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