Lucas Moura

{Profile Updated 26/07/2012}

Date of Birth: - 13th August 1992

Height: - 5ft 7inches

Position: - Attacking Midfielder

Nationality: - Brazilian

Current Club: - Sao Paulo

Estimated Market Value: - Around 35 million Euro's.

Linked With: - AC Milan

- Inter Milan

- Roma

- Manchester United

- Manchester City

- Spurs

- Real Madrid

- Chelsea

Club Statistics

Sao Paulo:

2009/2010 season - 25 appearances, 4 goals and 4 assists.

2010/2011 season - 43 appearances, 13 goals and 8 assists.

2011/2012 season - 36 appearances, 9 goals and 8 assists.

TOTAL - 104 appearances, 26 goals, 22 assists.

General Comments:

This profile was almost not worth doing if it was based on JUST fact, but I have had to spend a ridiculous amount of time just watching him play, and believe me, watching the Brazilian league on demand isn't the easiest thing to do here in England!

Anyway, I have a bit of a mixed view on Lucas Moura. One side of my brain is telling me that he is an absolutely top notch player, with the pace, power, trickery, skill, and technique. But, for 35 million Euro's? Currently, this kid is 19 years of age and has only played a few full seasons in football at a competitive level, so where on earth to people and clubs get their valuation for players? I mean, 130 million for a 19 year old in the previous summer? Really!? That's complete ludicrous! Nevertheless, Lucas Moura is a very good player, but I see a slight problem in his game.

Although confidence for a footballer is very good, I feel that Lucas can have a little too much during games, and can be very very selfish and very very 'optimistic' with the things he tries with the ball. But when he pulls those things off, it's fantastic. I feel that perhaps he is not Premier League material as of yet as I can't see him settling for a place on a bench, and I also can't see him adapting to the physical aspect of the Premier League very quickly. This is purely down to his age and his lack of experience at the minute, but I truly believe one day we will see this kid in the Premier League, and he'll shine.

But in my honest opinion, he needs to leave Sao Paulo for Europe, get some experience at a higher level and push himself fully as an individual and a footballer, and IF he does that, we have a real world-class player on our hands, and one to definitely watch for the future. But, it'll take some testicles to spend 35 million Euro's on a kid of 19 who only has one full season of experience.

Nevertheless, he has the potential to be worth that in a few years and repay the faith with his dazzling ability. One thing I will say though, is he does need to work on his finishing, as he doesn't seem top have a very good conversion rate, and definitely needs to work on his passing to team mates, otherwise he'll just be isolated from his team-mates as people get a tad irritated by too much selfishness, as working as a team is an absolute must at the top-end of the modern game.

Would Moura Cut it in the Premier League? - See above comments, and I do not believe he would suit the Premier League just yet.

The Business End of the Profile.

There is much to say in this part of the profile, but primarily on one club - Real Madrid. Now, as I understand it, Real Madrid are desperate to sign Moura at this moment in time and are willing to fork the money out to get him. At the moment, there seem to be 2 offers that Madrid will make.

1) - They will offer the amount needed to Sao Paulo, and then part of the deal will see Moura go straight back to Brazil on loan.

2) - Madrid will offer Kaka in a part exchange with Moura, seeing Kaka go back to Brazil.

Now, I believe that Moura is very interested in a move to Madrid, and has visited the club on more than one occasion. Madrid have on numerous occasions paid for Moura and his family to come to Madrid, to try and persuade them that this is the right club for Lucas etc etc, and to basically convince his family also. With this being said, Moura seems like he'll be heading for Madrid.

However, we cannot rule out Manchester United in my eyes. Utd seem very interested in the young lad, but the main thing I can see stopping a deal being negotiated is the asking price, as I do not believe Utd would be willing to pay it, at all. If Utd did bid however, and they do meet the asking price, they would then have to prove to Moura that England was the place for him, and I honestly don't think Moura would be that interested, and I believe that Madrid is the only place he is genuinely interested in at this moment in time. With this being said, I also feel that a move to Italy cannot be ruled out either, as Inter Milan seem very interested also.

Thanks all,