Marcin Bulka

Marcin Bulka
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Marcin Bulka

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Current Club: LB Chateauroux (on loan from Paris Saint-Germain)

Previous Clubs: Chelsea, Escola

Loan Clubs: Cartagena

International: N/A

Trophies Won: Ligue 1 2019/20, French FA Cup 2019/20, French League Cup 2019/20, French Super Cup 2019/20, English Youth League 2016/17, 2017/18.

Still very young for a goalkeeper at only 21, Bulka is a giant of a man at 6ft 5" tall, but that does come with problems, I believe. Watching the goals he concedes, it does seem he struggles to get across to low shouts, which is mostly likely down to the difficulty of moving such a big frame quickly.

What he does have in his favour, other than the size of him making the target smaller for goalscorers, is his surprising speed off the mark and commanding presence. He does tend to hold a deeper position than most modern goalkeepers, more of an old-fashioned shot-stopper than the modern sweeper-keeper, but he is quick to come off his line to pick up loose balls into the box.

In fact he is very dominant in the penalty area, his communication with defenders are very clear and they are left in no doubt when he is coming to claim a ball. He uses his foot speed and bulk well to get to balls played into his area, but it must be said there was a real lack of players willing to stand up to him in the games I did watch.

When a corner was played across and he shouted he was coming for it, the attackers were as quick to get out of the way as the defenders. That is something that will not happen at higher levels, particularly if he returns to English football, which is much more physical and players will attempt to get across him and stop him claiming a cross.

Bulka is decent enough with the ball at his feet, his kicking is technically sound but it is not what you would call a strength as such. However, put the ball into his hands and Bulka excels. It is not just that he can get decent distance and excellent accuracy on his throws, it is that he is also much more alert to the possibility of a quick throw than he is a quick pass.

For me, PSG need to get the lad into a physically demanding league, where he will be buffeted and bumped at every chance the opposition gets. Right now he looks a very solid, young keeper, but he is playing under no pressure and against low quality opponents where he is learning next to nothing about himself as a player.

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Written by Ed001 March 02 2021 12:49:20