Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt
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Matthijs de Ligt

Current Club: Ajax.

Previous Clubs: N/A.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Netherlands 15 caps 1 goal.

Trophies Won: Eredivisie 2018/19, Netherlands Cup 2018/19.

De Ligt is, for some reason, the hottest and most hyped young player in the game right now, though I am not sure why. There have been some bizarre reasons given, such as a commentator on one game stating that he showed great leadership because he had a stinker for Holland on his debut and got the hook. Apparently having a bad game and not throwing away your career afterwards is now evidence you are a world beater in the making!

Clearly some people do not know what leadership is, but it is not recovering from a bad game, as every player has off days, even the greats. Leadership would be taking a game that is slipping away from you, in a big game such as a Champions League semi-final second leg, and dragging your team-mates up and back into the game. Something he did not do. He slumped just like they did when Spurs made a comeback.

On the ball he is an excellent player, good vision and range of passing, very comfortable with the ball at his feet and capable of playing out from the back. He is big and strong, good in the air and has the potential to be a good defender physically, though he badly lacks pace.

The problem is that he has poor reading of the game and his positional sense is worse. With his lack of pace, that is something that causes real problems, as he has no chance of chasing back and getting into position once caught out. Often watching de Ligt you can see he is chasing the play, rather than anticipating and getting prepared for what is unfolding.

All of that means I would have real concern if he was to play in a defence with a high line against top class opposition, rather than in the Eredivisie, where even the likes of Blind and Davinson Sanchez look top class defenders, due to the weakness of opponents. He does attack the ball well, in the air or on the ground, but one slip and he is going to be left behind by almost every attacker he has to face. That is why I think de Ligt would be better off going to Italy, where he would be taught to defend.

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Written by Ed001 June 02 2019 11:51:11