Maxwel Cornet

Maxwel Cornet
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Gnaly Maxwel Cornet

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Current Club: Olympique Lyonnais

Previous Clubs: Metz

Loan Clubs: N/A

International: Ivory Coast 22 caps 5 goal.

Trophies Won: N/A

The 24 year old Frenchman is very much a utility player, able to play either either full-back or wide midfield position and even up front. However, that very adaptability is also a weakness. Rather than being able to specialise and excel in one position, he is used in all these different positions and, while competent (at worst) in them, he is not able to truly get the measure of one position and make it his own.

There are also limits to his usefulness as he is not the tallest and is very weak in the air. His leap is a bit on the weak side and even when he does get on the end of the header, you have no idea where the ball will end up. That keeps him from playing in the centre of defence, so he is not the complete utility player.

Cornet is also very left-footed, which makes him unusual in the modern era when he plays on the left-side of midfield. A player willing to go down the outside is rare in the modern game. Though he is not really the type of player to look to hit the byline and put a cross in, whether playing full-back or midfield.

It is more about linking up with teammates, as he is tidy on the ball, with a good range of passing. Cornet does have quick feet and pace which enables him to move the ball well on the dribble, but he tends to just use it to get into a gap to move the ball on. While he shows good movement off the ball, the timing of his runs needs work.

You will see him quite often get caught upfield, because he has made a run too early and possession is lost. That is often the main time you will see Cornet's natural pace as he runs back without having to sprint to make up ground. It is difficult to judge his positional sense, due to all the different positions he plays, but it is good enough to make him seem natural no matter which role his manager picks him for.

When playing at full-back, his tendency to try the spectacular, such as attempting to clear by hooking a ball dropping over his shoulder while running towards goal, is an issue. Cornet will try rather than just putting it out into touch safely and it has led to him missing the ball and ending up on his backside, a spectator as the opposition attack.

That is the main issue for me with Cornet, he is a square peg that has had the corners chipped off to allow it to squeeze into a number of round holes. But he never quite fills the gap completely. He is not good enough going forward to hold down a role in attacking areas and he is not defensively minded enough to make a top class full-back. A true jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

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