Milan Skriniar

Milan Skriniar
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Milan Skriniar

Current Club: Inter Milan.

Previous Clubs: Sampdoria, MSK Zilina.

Loan Clubs: Zlate Moravce.

International: Slovakia 23 caps.

Trophies Won: Slovak League 2011/12. Slovak Cup 2011/12.

Skriniar is an extremely physical defender, who is very adept at using his body to force attackers off the ball. There are very few, if any, that can go shoulder-to-shoulder with him and come away with the ball. It is something he is very adept at doing.

He has also learnt to use his body well to lean on opponents to stop them using their pace to beat him, which he needs to do as Skriniar is a little on the slow side himself. He does not have the pace of someone like Koulibaly or van Dijk to chase back, so he works on getting his body in the way of a run, just enough to knock someone off their stride or to hold them back without it being a foul.

His timing in the tackle is excellent, which makes him particularly strong in one-on-ones, as he will stand an opponent up and usually can get a foot in at just the right time. If they do manage to get the ball beyond him, that is when Skriniar uses his body to stop them getting away until he can make a tackle.

In the air he is an extremely strong presence, with good reading of the game allowing him to usually get into the right positions. However his lack of pace can be a problem, as if he is ever caught out of position or making a challenge high up the pitch, it is hard for Skriniar to get back quickly enough to affect the play.

Give him the ball at his feet and he is very much a modern ball-playing centre-half with the ability to play the long, raking passes expected and is comfortable when the ball is given to him when a team plays out from the back. Skriniar is technically very good, though he can sometimes look a little clumsy.

It is easy to see why the Inter fans love him and why he gives them a sense of security with his presence in the backline. It is also easy to see why there is a lot of interest in him from teams which do not play a high press system, as Skriniar's lack of pace is a hindrance to playing a high line. He is a very good defender in the right system, but it needs to work to his strengths and not expose his weakness.

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