Patrick Cutrone

Patrick Cutrone
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Patrick Cutrone

Current Club: AC Milan.

Previous Clubs: Parediense.

Loan Clubs: N/A.

International: Italy 1 cap.

Trophies Won: N/A.

I had never seen Cutrone play before I started watching him for this profile and had no idea what to expect, just that Tottenham Hotspur had shown interest and Ed002 told me that they were scared off by his price and the Torino and Sassuolo are also interested. Having watched him, I am surprised Spurs would be interested in him at all, as he seems more of a bottom half player in Serie A at best.

He does possess decent pace, but not the lightning step to get space or blistering pace to run away from defenders, so he needs to make intelligent runs, which he is capable of, his runs show promising signs. Cutrone was cute enough to drop off, make a defender stop and start coming out to him, then run in behind, or to wait until the defender is looking the other way and then go.

However his first touch is worryingly poor, the ball often bounces off him or bobbles around his feet making it difficult for him to strike it at goal. In fact his technique in general is not the best, which results in poor crossing and passing. Most of his passes, though fairly accurately to the player are to the wrong foot or a bobbling ball making it difficult to control for the receiver.

That will be registered in the stats as Cutrone being a good passer, but, as Cruyff was fond of saying, a good pass comes with the right weight and to the correct foot for the player to take it in instantly and use it immediately. Cutrone desperately needs to improve that aspect of his game.

His touch also holds back his dribbling, the ball is not under full control, so his dribbling is mainly limited to push and run stuff, schoolboy level really. What Cutrone can do well is shield the ball, he is a strong lad for his age and has that ability to stick his backside off and hold off a defender while waiting for support that can come in useful for a target man type.

Unfortunately, as of now anyway and it is unlikely he will grow much more, he does not have the height or accurate heading ability to work as an old fashioned target man, which would be the best use of his limited talents. Especially as, though he chases around well putting in effort pressing defenders, he lacks aggression in the challenge and is very half-hearted trying to actually take if off a defender.

In the modern game the top teams want a technically skilled player who presses from the front and ensures defenders are constantly under pressure, as well as a goalscorer. Cutrone has a lot of work to do to become a top class player ready for a team challenging for trophies. Though if he can develop his goalscoring, which looked very lacking in confidence in the games I saw, teams will overlook his deficiencies.

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Written by Ed001 July 04 2019 19:46:07