Thiago Alcantara

Date of Birth: - 11/04/1991

Height: - 5ft.8in

Nationality: Spanish (born in Italy)

Current Club: - Barcelona

Estimated Market Value: 25m-30m

Linked With: (Nobody has been linked because the chances of him leaving Barca are lower than slim)

General Comments:

Hello everyone this is my first profile so I hope you enjoy it, just like to say I have done this profile for the people who haven't had the pleasure of watching Thiago.

First I will start with the lad's positives and let me tell you the lad has a lot of them. Obviously the kid has a lot too live up too coming through the famous La Mesa academy at Barca and also one day he will have to fill the shoes of Iniesta or Xavi. I first saw this kid play in the under 21 tournament last summer many people did watch that tournament because Hendo and Phil Jones had just signed for LFC and MUFC so people wanted to see their potential also many people were watching the performances of Mata as there was lots of speculation around him.

I first saw Thiago against England and he dazzled me he was amazing and that tournament really helped him gain status in Spain and across Europe following his performances in the tournament Barca starting playing him and I remember he played in the El Clasico which is some testament to his quality. Graduating from La Mesa he has brilliant passing ability I mean brilliant he can thread a through ball, spray a long cross field ball to a winger he can also play in the CDM role and pick up the pieces from the back however this isn't his strongest position.

For me he looks like the next Iniesta because of his passing range and vision but he also has the turn of pace Iniesta has when he glides past players, Thiago has also been used in the front 3 where he performed well showing he has versatility along with his brilliant technical ability. When you watch this lad closely it looks like he is being moulded to play the Iniesta role in midfield and looks like he is relishing this prospect because the more he plays that position the more he looks like Iniesta. for Barca B and his national team has has scored some absolute crackers from nowhere he gets the ball and let's fly next thing you know his the ball is in the net. Another role I can see him playing in the future is as the falls 9 player which has been widely covered during Euro 2012, this lad would be perfect because his the ability to make the ins like Fabregas but he has an extra yard of pace which would help when getting onto through balls. Although he would have to improve his finishing in the box.

Now his negatives, In all honesty he doesn't have many weaknesses but if I had one it would be his strength as I touched on as a last resort he can play CDM but he struggles with his size he has brilliant low centre of gravity when on the ball but if he was against powerful midfielders like Yaya Toure or Khedira he would get bullied of the ball alot. If there was something else he could improve his tackling this would help him have a more all-round game which would help him and Barca in the future because it means he will be more versatile and may save them some money buy making him a player that can not only play the Xvi role with his link up play and passing range, the Iniesta role where has the vision and technical ability to create chances for others by threading balls through or the Busquets role where he breaks up play.

Would Thiago cut it in England?

At the moment in my honest opinion no because he would be bullied alot so he would have to improve his strength which I ma sure he will and once he had the he would take the league by storm but I'm pretty sure he won't be leaving Barca.

Summary of Thiago:

Strengths: Vision, Movement, Passing ability, Technical ability, Long range shooting.

Weaknesses:Strength, Finishing in the area and Tackling.

The Business end of the profile:

I think it is neon impossible he will be leaving Barca.


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